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Our Mission

Medard’s House is a Christ centered ministry house that serves to be the extension of the family for teenagers.

It is a safe place to:

  • socialize and bond with peers
  • connect with community leaders and role models
  • learn the value of service through provided teachings
  • realize talents and dreams
  • verbalize and immobilize fears

All this through the love of the community and the power of the Holy Spirit.

How You Can Help

Medard’s house is now accepting donations for:

  • daily program support
  • hot meals, a new stove, refrigerator
  • musical instruments, furniture, computers for our tutoring program
  • a passenger van, minor renovations, and more!

Items we’ll need consistently:

  • bottled water, food donations
  • sports equipment
  • art and craft supplies, paper supplies
  • monetary donations

Drop-off Location!

Share Your Story With Us!

Medard’s story is one of friendship, family and the community. It embodies how so many pulled together in support during a devastating time. It is characterized in how relationships were strengthened, new friendships were formed, and how this vision of Medard’s House was pushed forward as a way to keep that growing relational environment strong for all of us and those to come.

How did Medard impact your life?
How do you envision Medard’s House contributing to the teenagers in the community?
Email us at shareyourstory@medardshouse.org to share your story here.

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