About Medard’s House

Our Beliefs

Medard’s house believes that our youth should be able to look directly within their own community to get the support they need for life’s tough issues. We help teens connect with New Cumberland teen support programs. We believe this can be accomplished with everyones help and prayers, but most of all through the power of God to transform lives.

Our Vision

We envision a place where all of our kids can come to get love, support and mentoring. It is our desire for Medard’s house to be open when the school doors are closed (except Sunday, we want our youth to eventually fill up the local churches). We have a vision of being able to address every need a young person comes to us with. Whether the need is for tutoring, counseling, spiritual growth, a hot meal, help with a job application, a college application, a cooking class, a music lesson and more! This is our vision for the youth in our community.

Supporting our Youth Through Mentoring

Our primary focus as mentors is to guide our youth toward success. We want to get to know our kids well enough to identify any need in their lives that may be prohibit them from reaching their full God-given potential. We will partner with community members, schools, churches, businesses and social service organizations to find solutions for our kids.

Teaching Value of Service

It is our greatest desire that Medard’s house youth become the “givers” in their community. As they grow and learn from the mentors at Medard’s house there will be opportunities created for them to do service work in their own community and beyond. This will be one of our highest priorities. We envision opportunities where we can bring young and old together. Where our veterans can sit with our young people and share their lives and their stories. Where are young people can sit with our senior citizens and share their fears and their dreams.

Spreading Love to the Community

It is our desire that some day Medard’s house youth will be known as some of the most noble kids in the community. They will be the first to volunteer their time, the first to help a senior citizen and little children and the first to come back to Medard’s house and give back what they have so freely been given. This will truly be spreading Love to the Community.

Our Approach

1st –

Character Development: through our mentoring sessions and biblical instruction, we seek to build character through Christian principles in an effort to motivate each participant to reach their full potential by developing a sense of worth and value while learning to respect and value others.

2nd –

Academic Assistance: we will be aligned with the school district and its student portals to offer tutoring and assistance to the students so that they are on track academically.

3rd –

We will partner with other non profits and community organizations to encourage physical fitness. We know that in life and at school not all kids make the “team”. But at Medard’s house all kids do make the team. They will have opportunity for intra-mural basketball through the 3 star foundation, summer camps through our FCA (Fellowship of christian athletes) and physically challenging field trips which include but are not limited to, kayaking, tubing, swimming, hiking and more.


Founding Board Members
Central PA teen support mission founders

Medard R. Kowaloski, III
“I take pride in what this organization stands for”
Daniel Brown
“Alone we can do little; together we can do so much!”
Rick Tamanosky
“A place for everyone at any time”
Saundra Colello
“Work for a cause not for applause!”
Jody McClymont
“With the power of community we can accomplish anything!”