What We Do

Medard’s house is the “extension of the home” to the youth in our community. Our goal is to provide support wherever there is a need and by whatever means necessary. At Medard’s house if a young person needs support in school, we provide tutoring. If a young person needs to learn how to change a tire, we show them. If our high school kids need to fill out college applications, we are there to provide support. At Medard’s house we make it our personal mission to address the “lack” in a young persons life that will prevent them from becoming successful. We believe if we see a “need” it is our responsibility to find a way to meet that need.

At Medard’s house we take mentoring very seriously. It is our desire to be the example that a young person needs in a very critical time in their lives. We accomplish this through an evening meal together, biblical and character building studies, group sports programs, community outreach and give back opportunities and so much more.

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