What does your donation provide?

The donations you make to Medard’s House provide more than just financial help, but most importantly a sense of faith. With your donations our organization is able to buy a house for the youth and teens to come and spend quality time with one another. With this quality time activities will be hosted as well as fellowship. With these activities offered it is important for us to promote ourselves and seek financial assistance anyway possible. We are really focused on keeping Medard’s legacy alive in everyway possible. With your donations you are able to see that contribution right in your community.

Currently Medard’s House is accepting donations for the following:

Youth First: We are actively serving the youth in the West Shore Community through weekly youth group meetings and events, faith based field trips and community outreach projects. In addition, while interacting with the youth population other needs are identified. The board of directors and its volunteers attempt to meet those needs regardless of the hardship. Some of the needs met over the years have been scholarships to field trips, scholarships for volunteer work (youth giving back to the community), food, clothing, and monetary stipends.

Community Outreach: Medard’s House has an ‘Outreach Team’ that reaches out to members of the community that are hurting. We send cards, letters, and on occasion meet a financial meet.

Day to Day Operating Costs: In addition to all the other costs detailed, Medard’s House carries insurance, purchases food and supplies for the youth events, and keeps our office supplied with ink, stamps, stationary, paper, etc.

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Contribution Matching

Currently, Medard’s House has a member of the community matching all donations up to $10,000 dollar for dollar.

One feature many donors and their own jobs do take up is the idea of “contribution matching”. Contribution matching is when your job matches the dollar amount that you have donated, which then doubles the amount that you individually brought to the organization. This is also something Medard’s House treasures and really feels the love when knowing how the community can help one another.

Corporate Donors

If you are a corporate donor and have made a contibution to us, there are only two words to really say and that is Thank You! With this donation it will go to a great cause and an even better community. However as you contribute your information is stored into our database and with this, we are able to send and invoice for your taxes as that time of year comes around. Our trained staff as well as our lawyers and accountants have a handle on this and make sure these invoices go out at the proper time. Please see our privacy policy or contact us with any questions!

Other ways to contribute

Contributions are not just made through finances but there are other ways to help too. The first is to try and get involved with the organization. We love to have more individuals on our team and help us do what we feel so passionate about. Fill out a Volunteer form today! Also with the process of home buying there are also needs to fill the house with a magnitude of different activitites for the youth. With this being said, any old board games, clothing, painting equipment or anything you think the teens would enjoy drop by anytime!