Easter Sunday Story

This week, we can officially say, “Happy Spring!” Despite the bitter cold temperatures that seem to linger, signs are beginning to spring up everywhere. Sharp blades of green are standing strong with small buds on them, soon to be lilies or hydrangeas, two of my very favorite flowers. The sun is up later and we are beginning to enjoy outside play weather.

So what does SPRING mean to you? Easter and Egg hunts? Lots of chocolate? Baseball? Track and Field? Getting dressed up in fancy clothes? Gardening?

One of MY favorite things about spring is celebrating Easter. Easter is celebrated by different traditions across the families in the world, but the meaning of Easter is the same.

Easter holds its roots in the Christian tradition as a remembrance of the death then resurrection of Jesus. The week before Easter, often called Passion Week, Jesus was preparing for his death. He rode into Jerusalem, the center of the Jewish faith, on a donkey. Hundreds of people honored Jesus, recognizing Him as the King of their faith. They laid down their garments and waved palm branches shouting, the Greek word used of an expression of praise or adoration, “Hosanna!” This day is often recognized in Christian circles as, “Palm Sunday,” exactly 7 days before his resurrection.

The following week became the darkest week of the Christian faith. Jesus was put on trial for blasphemy. He was sentenced to death. The Romans, who were the political head of the Middle Eastern area of the time, had perfected the death sentence to flogging (a beating of whips on naked back skin that caused severe bleeding and deep wounds, often leading to death by bleeding out), public humiliation, and then carrying a large wooden piece of lumber down the center of the street to a hill called Golgotha where they would hang their almost lifeless bodies on a cross on hill to the point of death. It was a gruesome death. Jesus died, along with 2 other men, on the day we call Good Friday. So if he died, why is it “Good?” I’m so glad you asked!

It is GOOD that Jesus died. As he was on the cross, every sin in the world that had ever been and ever will be, was placed upon Jesus that day. It was GOOD that He died to take our dirtiness so that we could have a life of purity. It was GOOD that, on that GOOD Friday, He bridged the gap between earth and heaven, so that those who BELIEVED ON HIS NAME, the name of Jesus, the Son of God, could live forever.

It is on Easter Sunday, that Jesus’ friends went to the tomb in which He was buried and found that His body was not there. An angel appeared by the tomb telling them about the good news of Jesus’ resurrection. He was alive, and it was through this resurrection, that the friends (and us too) could now live forever in Paradise!


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