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Join us as we partner with our local churches, schools, businesses, community members and other civic minded organizations to meet the needs of the youth in our community.
It is our goal, with the assistance of all who are willing, to inspire our youth to become all that God has created them to be. At Medard’s house we also want to set the standard for the youth to give back to their community that so freely gave to them. Continue reading through volunteer FAQ and our website for more details.

Our goal is to expand our hours so that we can be available to the youth every day after school from 3-approximately 9pm.

Do you like to cook?
Do you have a trade you’d like to teach a young person?
Are you an artist who wants to instruct future artists?
Do you play the piano? Do you want to teach a young person that same talent?

The sky is the limit and so are the possibilities. Won’t you join us?

We are also looking for youth mentors, shift volunteers, volunteer coordinators, fundraising coordinators, building maintenance and more.

Start your journey with us!

New Students

Looking to join in on the Medard’s House experience? Ready to learn a new skill, get some homework help, learn more about the bible, play some dodge-ball or even practice skateboarding?

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