TIMELESS: Understanding the Bible

Our current devotional series at Medard’s House, is TIMELESS. Timeless relates to the Word of God, or the Bible. Timeless is an incomprehensible term because we live in a finite world. There is birth and there is death. We see it every day. We see it in the flowers, when they spring up and when they wither. We see it in the weather when it changes and moves from one season to the next. We see birth in the new fawns and baby bird eggs. We see death often on the side of the highway in many forms. We experience the joy of a new loved one joining our families, and the pain of death when one passes on. Timeless can only be trusted.

But the Bible is Timeless because the author is Timeless. God always was and He always is. He created everything. He authored the Words of the Scripture. In fact, He says that He is the Alpha and the Omega. In the Greek alphabet, it is translated the beginning and the End. If God is the Beginning and the End, then everything in between, He is also.

The Bible is accurately a historical record. It is also accurately a prophetic word. But most importantly, it is an inspired love letter from Genesis to Revelation. When we read the Bible, we must read it not from the perspective of old history records and ancient rules, but a cohesive letter that points to a worship of God. We must read it as a timeless, active, living Word that is relevant for yesterday, today, and tomorrow. We must read it as the very breath of God that speaks to our lives today and can make a difference in our lives as we stand on its truth.

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